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The experience of the lawyers of the Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY BARRISTERS LEGAL ADVISORS PP in the field of real estate encompasses:

  • conducting due diligence on the legal status of real estate
  • providing legal assistance concerning real estate transactions (advising and drafting contract to purchase or vend of real estate, transfer of permanent usufructury right, transfer of shares in ownership, as well as in permanent usufructury right)
  • drafting and negotiating contracts for lease and tenancy of real estate, contracts for land donation, contracts for easement establishing, usufruct and mortgage
  • carrying out proceedings in order to divide real estate, procure the ownership right by the prescriptive easement, enfranchisement or inheritance
  • representing clients in the proceedings for the entry in land and mortgage registers


Should you be interested in obtaining legal advice or other specific information,

please feel free to contact our staff also by email.