Prawnik prawo administracyjne

Administrative practice is one of the most essential fields of our Firm’s specialization. Our lawyers have experience in respect of representing investors and third parties involved in administrative proceeding as regards:

  • the whole building process, including proceedings to declare the conformity of investment with the land use plan and establishing the building conditions,
  • the declaration of acquisition of permanent usufructary right,
  • the dispossession of land,
  • process concerning the return of real estate which was illegally taken over by the State during post-war period,
  • claiming damages for the loss incurred with relation to unlawful administrative decisions,
  • proceedings concerning protection of environment (such as emission of noise, fumes and other waste).

While providing advisory services to corporations we take part in customs and tax proceedings of our clients and represent them before administrative courts or tax and customs firms.


Moreover, we not only carry out the analyses of the tax and customs results of projected and realized economic undertakings, but also draft legal opinions and provide advice on optimising tax burdens.


Should you be interested in obtaining legal advice or other specific information,

please feel free to contact our staff also by email.