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Civil law is fundamental for all economic activities. When drafting agreements and commercial contracts of all types, lawyers of the Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY – barristers and legal advisers do their best to adjust the content of the agreement to the specific needs of particular undertaking. Our experience encompasses the agreements concerning, among other things:

  • commercial transaction (contract for sale of goods or land, delivery, exchange, preliminary contract, etc.);
  • performing services (contract for perform specific task, services, building contract, etc.);
  • use of things (contract of lease, tenancy, lending for use, leasing etc.);
  • financing of activity (contract for loan, assignment of liabilities, takeover of debts);

For the purpose of particular undertaking our lawyers create untypical agreements, mixed contracts covering several economic projects normally comprised in a few independent types of agreements.


Certainly, our consultancy encompasses also legal advices (including advising via the Internet) concerning performing, alternation and expiration of already existing contract.



When appropriately created, the agreement does not cause the problem with its interpretation and it is viable. The viability of each agreement is guaranteed by the system of security interest, such as:

  • pledge
  • mortgage
  • guaranty
  • floating charge
  • guarantee
  • bond
  • bill of exchange

Professional application of the above instruments, also with regard to its consequences in taxation may turn out to be the most efficient security.


The Firm’s lawyers draw up security agreements, best from the point of view of our clients expectation as well as capabilities of both parties. Within the regular legal assistance our lawyers prepare the system of liabilities’ management so as to eliminate the risk of loss of financial liquidity.


The negotiations during the process of entering into agreement are also worth mentioning. Everyone would like to gain as much as possible without losing too much. The ability not only to foresee the expectations and the probable comportment of the other party but also to identify negotiating tactics applied in the particular case becomes the major formula to success in the multilateral talks.


Should you be interested in obtaining legal advice or other specific information,

please feel free to contact our staff also by email.