Windykacja należności lublin

While rendering legal services, the Lawyers from the Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY BARRISTERS LEGAL ADVISERS PP make every effort to protect the clients against overdue payments and, in a turn, the necessity of conducting enforced collection. We are able to achieve the objective by introducing liabilities’ management and supervision systems, as well as system aiming at securing and increasing the recovery of debts.


Our task is not limited to instituting legal proceedings. We make use of all available legal measures in order to conduct quick and efficient debt collection. If it is the unreliable entrepreneurs who are the debtors, we apply the compilation of several judicial proceedings which compels the debtor to pay.


As for more complex situations, we apply legal instruments such as conveyance of liabilities, access to debt, conversion of debt into shares and so forth which constitute an alternative, fast and efficient method of debt recovery.


The main stage of debt collection encompasses conducting of judicial proceedings in order to obtain enforceable ruling which enables to institute enforced collection carried on by debt collector. On this stage the client’s representation concerns all actions undertaken to encourage the debt collector to act efficiently and promptly.


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