zamówienia publiczne

Significant number of the undertakings carried out by our clients is connected with public procurement. The issue is no longer applied only to the public entities and entrepreneurs willing to enter into procurement contract but also to those who, benefitting from European funds, are obliged to obey procurement procedures when purchasing goods and services. The procedure to award public contracts is extraordinarily formalised which, in a turn, requires precise knowledge of regulation stated in Act on public procurement. The barristers and legal advisers of the Law Firm provide legal advice as regards all stages of the said proceeding and act on behalf of the clients before the Offeror, National Appeal Chamber of the Public Procurement Firm (KIO UZP) as well as common courts in litigations instituted by the plaint in respect of the ruling of the KIO UZP.


Legal assistance in the subject encompasses also providing advices on:

  • drafting tender documentation;
  • preparing public procurement proceedings, in particular drawing up regulations concerning awarding public tender (siwz);
  • drawing up protests, plaints and appeals.


Should you be interested in obtaining legal advice or other specific information,

please feel free to contact our staff also by email.