About us

The Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY BARRISTERS LEGAL ADVISERS PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIP seated in Lublin is a partnership of barristers and legal advisers providing legal services mainly to entrepreneurs and companies. Advisory services are provided by a team of experts who understand the specific nature of each business undertaking.


Our strong believe is that the excellent professional experience and intellectual development must go along with listening intently to our clients’ needs. The creation of a friendly, open, comprehensible and understanding firm, able to establish a list of priorities, without unnecessary imposing of itself, in the atmosphere of discretion and confidentiality supports the development of economic undertakings of our clients.


The Staff of Law Firm – barristers and legal advisors are well positioned to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, to protect them whenever and wherever the immediate legal assistance is necessary. The years of practice convinced us that having comprehensive knowledge has its sense only when you can share it with the others.


At the moment, within the framework of regular legal assistance provided to corporations, we advise entrepreneurs as well as companies in such cities as Lublin, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Zamosc, Pulawy and Radom. The borders don’t make an obstacle though. Our clients may rely on us as regards fast, diligent and competent legal assistance within the scope of our practice, inclusive of legal advice provided by email.



We attach great significance to proper communication with a client. While expecting from the client the complete information so as to all aspects of undertakings in which we participate, from our part, we provide our client with maximum of information. As we are aware of the fact that, as the lawyers, we use rather hermetic language, we try to present our rationale in a most lucid and clear way possible.


We try to propose efficient solutions which enable our clients to achieve intended business targets in the shortest period of time. It’s easy to bring matters to litigation. However, the measurement of the efficacy is avoiding of the court whenever it is possible, desired or unnecessary.



The Law Firm Sokolowski i Partnerzy Barristers Legal Advisors PP gained the trust of numerous clients, with whom we have been cooperating since several years. The cooperation concerns services provided to corporations (regular legal assistance) as well as immediate legal assistance as regards specific undertakings (legal advices, negotiations, administrative proceedings, recovery of claims, litigation). Among our regular clients are:

  • an international concern running the chain of fast food restaurants
  • transport and shipping enterprises
  • building and installation enterprises (engaged mainly in the construction of large-scale buildings)
  • enterprises dealing in trading in building materials (wholesale and retail)
  • one of the leading insurance companies
  • a producer of medical, pharmaceutical and dental products
  • an enterprise producing food and foodstuffs
  • an enterprise running large-scale cold stores and dealing in international wholesale trading in non-processed agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • an enterprise producing and installing exclusive and specialist truck equipment
  • an enterprise running the chain of jewellery shops
  • a design office providing projects of road structures and bridges
  • communal school and educational institutions
  • foundations and non-profit organizations

Due to the restrictions arising from the ethical principles of rendering professional services by barristers and legal advisors, the whole list of our clients may be revealed on your specific request.