Obsługa prawna Sokołowski i Partnerzy adwokaci radcy prawni

Within the framework of regular legal assistance the Firm provides our clients with permanent direct contact with the lawyer – coordinator who will create the team of professionals ready to come to our clients aid in any undertaking.


The advisory services encompass providing legal opinions both in writing and in form of telephone consultation. We draw up all types of agreements, commercial contracts and internal regulations. We participate in negotiations and consultations. We advise our clients on labour law. We optimise tax burdens in connection with specific undertaking. Last, but not least, we represent our clients in litigation and arbitration.


Each agreement and document is thoroughly analysed by two lawyers before it is handed over which gives you guarantee of diligently presented legal information.


It is by far the easiest and the cheapest to prevent fires than to extinguish them. The legal assistance provided to corporations has for its purpose to create the framework of your business activity so as to minimise the danger of occurrence of such fires. An accurately drawn up agreement minimises the risk of costly and long-lasting legal proceedings. Sometimes one moment devoted to brief legal consultation may save you several months or even years of expensive litigation.


Should you be interested in obtaining legal advice or other specific information,

please feel free to contact our staff also by email.