Within the framework of regular legal assistance the Firm provides our clients with permanent direct contact with the lawyer – coordinator who will create the team of professionals ready to come to our clients aid in any undertaking.   The advisory services encompass providing legal opinions both in writing and in form of telephone consultation. [...] read more

We represent our clients as regards claims arising out of traffic accidents, material looses in respect of burglary, damage caused by negligent behaviour of company’s employees, as well as loss suffered as a result of breach of contract, medical malpractice, personal injury including death and grievous bodily harm.   We have a great deal of [...] read more

The experience of the lawyers of the Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY BARRISTERS LEGAL ADVISORS PP in the field of real estate encompasses: conducting due diligence on the legal status of real estate providing legal assistance concerning real estate transactions (advising and drafting contract to purchase or vend of real estate, transfer of permanent usufructury [...] read more

Significant number of the undertakings carried out by our clients is connected with public procurement. The issue is no longer applied only to the public entities and entrepreneurs willing to enter into procurement contract but also to those who, benefitting from European funds, are obliged to obey procurement procedures when purchasing goods and services. The [...] read more

Within the scope of our practice, the lawyers of our Firm, barristers and legal advisors shall: provide legal assistance as regards the establishing, registration and liquidation of all types of companies (incorporated companies and partnerships), associations, foundations and non-profit organizations; draw up internal regulations regarding the organisation of management board, supervisory board or audit committee; [...] read more

We represent our clients in proceedings regarding returning nationalized real estate, property and enterprises illegally taken over by the State on the basis of: act on ownership and use of land within the border of the capital city of Warsaw (dekret z dnia 26 października 1945 r. o własności i użytkowaniu gruntów na obszarze m.st. [...] read more

All economic activities of entrepreneurs as well as companies are based on civil law. Every lawyer in our firm has comprehensive knowledge of this area of law. We advise our clients with regard to all fields of activities connected with broadly understood civil law. We offer legal aid in the scope of: claims for breach [...] read more

AGREEMENTS Civil law is fundamental for all economic activities. When drafting agreements and commercial contracts of all types, lawyers of the Law Firm SOKOLOWSKI I PARTNERZY – barristers and legal advisers do their best to adjust the content of the agreement to the specific needs of particular undertaking. Our experience encompasses the agreements concerning, among [...] read more

Administrative practice is one of the most essential fields of our Firm’s specialization. Our lawyers have experience in respect of representing investors and third parties involved in administrative proceeding as regards: the whole building process, including proceedings to declare the conformity of investment with the land use plan and establishing the building conditions, the declaration [...] read more